Tuesday, March 20, 2018

SHE'S MY DIAMOND GIRL campaign started & believe it or not the original inspo was just from a man! Also, Tampa Asheville connect Desoto Lounge in WAVL

It's gonna be a slow roll-out, but the inspo has struck.  Spring/summer SHE'S MY DIAMOND GIRL will start.  I've already got rhinestone flared leggings on today, so u know it's real!!!!
U can view them on my IG stories here.

I'm also cooking white wine, butter garlic, & cayenne pepper scrimp. Hoe-made.  I made this, but I just want to express my love for all cooks out there.  Cooking skills are BOMB!!!!  Props if u have kitchen skillzzz!  Much luv <3   I did actually make these tho and yummmmm!!!

Me with my friend, Neala, & the girls in a thrifted dark chambray dress that looked terrible & I'll never wear again lololol!!!!  A recent hrowback, but it was a day I loved, but an outfit choice I didn't!!!

Me in a vintage trippy dress sold here. 

Me in a vintage fur coat at Desoto Lounge.  I recommend if you come thru Asheville
They know what's what.  They play RTJ & The Dead Milkmen and they make a good cuban sandwich for NOT being in Florida, bacon wrapped dates are a fucking must. 

FYI I saw The Dead Milkmen at a concert at USF in the early 90s lol b4 I went to school there...
Random Tampa shit! And that's why I love Desoto.  It feels like some random Tampa shit :)

Love & Light, 


  1. I'm a disgrace, I'm a qualified chef but leave Jon to do the cooking!!
    Loving that last photo of you, your eyeliner is perfection! xxx

  2. Lol, I love the Dead Milkmen! I do all the cooking for us, but I don't really enjoy it that much - L is way worse than me!

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    love your cooking quality thanks for sharing with us