Monday, April 30, 2018

Some Sunny Floral Spring Yellowness Vibes and Turban Fun

These pants are tight ppl, v tight.  At 42, it does not take much to get chubbier!!!
This accessory sticker turban tho is just cementing the idea that I need a turban!

Shirt is a thrifted xhilaration for Target----kinda of a weird little pick for me, but I like the print.
Jeans are also thrifted.
I just want to talk about how all my clothes are not always vintage, but they are way more often than not, SECONDHAND.  This is so important.  It rly rly is time for ppl to get used to the idea of buying used.  

Been wearing my glasses more this week because my allergies are irritating my eyes and I realize I REALLY need new glasses.  Tops 1,3,4 are all thrifted secondhand picks.  Number 2 is a Victoria Secret t-shirt from about ten years ago that I still love to wear it.  Not so fancy FancyBoy this week lolol

Foxy in a pic taken and decorated by Baby Dream.

Love & Light, 

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Kids Know How to Have a Birthday Party and Other Stuff Like a Cake with the Most Candy

It was pretty much spend the night party time for my 11 year old when she came back from her class trip to D.C.  Her theme was CandyLand.  Her little sister prepped by dressing up like a blue Sour Patch Kid.  She came out of the bathroom room with a sparkling blue dress, a choker drawn on with a marker (great idea!!!), and sequins stuck to her eyelids with her lipgloss.
I was very f-ing impressed. ISSA LEWK!

My daughter decorated the cake herself.

The krew was lucky to have a gorgeous day that day!!  

Hardcore streamer decorations!

Also, the neighbors were puppy-sitting a baby husky.
Get out of town cuteness!


Sidewalk chalk and Big Mouth game time!

Wishes <3 <3 <3

So many straws!!!

My Grandma's dress from the actual bday celebrations I was posting about on IG, but couldn't quite finish the graphic...

Also, is Facebook just the new phonebook? Like modern white pages and yellow pages basically?  

Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Birthday Time and Memories and Eyeliner & Puffy Hair All for Spring

Everything I wore when I was pregnant was hand-me-downs.  I love 2nd hand stuff anyways, but it kinda sucked to have to wear a bunch of weird stuff I wasn't into when I was pregnant.
Plus, I was fucking miserable!   Still grateful---sheesh.  Not ez.   Then I had Girl London aka LondonDaBridge and she was the sweetest little bb!
I cried looking at the old pics!!!!

She just turned 11 and so it's birthday hoopla!
It is so fun doing everything with her.  I remember shopping with my mom for clothes.  This day we were on the hunt for leggings and a raincoat for her trip to Washington DC with her class and a birthday outfit.
Here she is wearing a vintage dress----her choice!!  on her bday when she was 6 <3
I can barely take how cute she is----I'll cry again!

 Not the best pic, but this was her actual birthday day----look at the little one---funny face ftw!
Also, second-hand vintage sunnies ftw!

Eyeliner is so much fun!!!!  Blue is my favorite!!!!
Listen people!!!!  Make-up really makes me kind of happy about how I look when I'm otherwise not feelin' it!

This is the dress I wore to take cupcakes to London's school on bday and out to dinner.
My Grandmother's dress aka CandyInTheOven.
It's a handmade cotton vintage 50s dress.


Not so FancyBoy!!!

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Working and Missing My Kids and Very Excited About Warm Weather lol also matchy matchy 60s dress sets!

The girls left for spring break vacay with their dad and I misssssss them!!!  They're off having a wonderful time, so I'm double-down working!
It's like SPRING CLEANING time is here!!!!  House, yard, even my legs need to be shaved!!!  Everything needs maintenance lolzzz

Me wearing my mother's vintage 60s dress with matching jacket!

That's one spring look and here's a throwback to a completely dif spring style I put on IG:

What r u wearin'???

I'm ready for some fun bloggy fashion inspo from you all!

Love & Light, 

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