Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Statement on the current humanitarian crisis and obvi some fashion sh*t

Here is just a a little screenshot of my personal statement in regards the the humanitarian crisis currently happening at the US border.

The juxtaposition of this issue 
the daily grind of work----

Temp tattoos for summer fun:

Yes, I'm over 40 and I use temporary metallic tattoos.   Cheap tricks ftw

My dress is secondhand thrifted.  Belt is secondhand consignment shop purchase from Plato's Closet back in Tampa.  

Love & Light, 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Some Full Circle Friendships Including Pangea in Ferguson, NC & Easy Super Cute Summer Style Just Grab a Vintage 80s Sundress

So I talked about the remarkable young woman Krista a few times, including this post here from about a year ago.

This was Krista's 3rd year in a row spinning & her boyfriend Tommy, got to spin this year with her.  The picture they used for their official flyer---I TOOK THAT PHOTO!
I took that at one of their Vinyl Revison nights <3
They are pointing at me <3
I got to join them as their guest and it was incredibly chill and good vibes. 

There were 5 girl DJ's on the lineup.  Artemis was one of my all of our favs!!!

This is an actual picture of the deck below!  it was strange and there were no slip mats, so cardboard was rigged for these two vinyl only players!  Declared technically the most difficult set they ever played!!!
They killed it.

"Vinyl Revisions' indeed!!!

Blue eyeliner ftw

Vintage 80s sundress and handmade necklace I got in a trade years ago

Love & Light, 

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