Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Material and Fall Info and I rly needed Obama's speech and middle school lewks

Somebody brought up fall today and it shook me!  Weird to think of it coming because it's mid-summer and so hot, but it did cross my mind.

GirlLondon aka LonDaBridge just got a whole new haircut by HairByShea!!!!

And not to leave this little angel, Baby Dream, aka CocoLoco with FoxyBaby.

Also, I made my daughters watch (most) of the Obama speech with me.  So good.

I appreciate and respect him as a leader so much.  I think it's important for children to hear leaders you really admire, especially when trying to incorporate political responsibility into their lives and general education.  I can't help it, and neither can he, that he's so good looking.

FancyBoy in effect right here with some fake pearls that I really like.
Secondhand thrifted dress that I have worn several times already this summer.

In honor of the middle school years, here are two photos I shared on IG last week of me from that time.  Crazy pic, but this was the summer b4 6th grade, same a GirlLondon now.  Friends are so important.  The family you choose.

This is also me lolol 

If you are a DJ and someone is in a blue dress you better play Devil In a Blue Dress.
No requests necessary.  They just knew.

Also, as a young girl, I was extremely into maxi length dresses and ball gowns.  I wanted that shit to touch the floor damnit.  

Off to read blogs!!!!!!!!!!!

Love & Light,

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  1. OMG, your girls are so stylin'! I love the bright highlights and that awesome shag cut on London.

    Aw, look at you, Becky! You are so adorable! I need my maxis and long dresses to hit the floor too! No ankles showing!