Sunday, July 29, 2018

Second Hand Thrifted Major Bust Ruffles J. Crew Peach Sundress Visible Monday Look Link Up

This secondhand thrifted approx. $5 peach colored J. Crew dress has gotten me comfortably thru some hot summer days when all other articles were just uncomfortable---a go-to if u will.

This mirror makes you look 10lbs slimmer.  No joke.
I've never been taken for a big prep or anything, but I've always had a weird 90s alternative grunge penchant for secondhand ridiculously inexpensive, but lux or preppie items.  
The ridiculous ruffles on this dress are fun.

More ridiculous bra exposure in the form of purple lace.
More fun beads.

Also, Facebook currently has filters that are rly cool eye make-up inspo looks!

U know I love it!

Ozzy effortlessly nailing the beauty lewks & I had to sweat blood & tears for mine here.

This guys knows what the fuck he's doing for sure.

Love & Light, 

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  1. I can't belive there was a time when Ozzy actually looked good! Ha ha!


  2. Jon used to be in a band with Ozzy's cousin, Darren, he was just as hot as young Ozzy!
    Love those frills! x

  3. Love this peachy colour on you - the ruffles are fabulous! Light "go-to" dresses are the best in summer, aren't they?

    LOL, hard to believe Ozzy was ever that young!

  4. That is a very young Ozzy! Would love it if you would join my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  5. OMG, Ozzy was hot! I totally forgot. Loving the ruffled dress and purple lace, xox