Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Temporary Tattoos and major Disney World fun My Sweet Pretty Shiba Doge SideEye and Foot Fun Also, me sucking it in in a hotel room

We had a good time at 
Disney World :D

We got to see my brother's family and my bff & fam since 7th grade.
Hopefully more pics soon. 

Temp tats info here.

Foxy with the doge side-eye.

I am sucking in my stomach lolol
Old dress and everything actually. 

You've seen it a lll b4

Summer time fun fun 
Every second I can spend with the girls & working my butt off.  
Cheers to everyone working this summer------let's do this <3

Love & Light, 

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  1. Looking gorgeous (and so is Foxy!) Glad you had a fab time. Don't work too hard! xxx

  2. I love the shiny temp tattoo!! Very hot. Foxy is so pretty, very expressive face. You look amazing in that "homegrown vintage", Becky! Glad you had fun in Disneyworld! Woo!