Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Weekend in Savannah and I Wear Sneakers with Dresses

My father is from Savannah, GA and so I've been to the city quite a bit.  He and my mother  (more about mom) are buried in Bonaventure Cemetery.  We had a lot of friends & family meet up over the weekend.  Super wonderful to see some of those faces for sure.

A million picturesque places, but I end up with hotel selfies.
Just recently got a new pair of kicks, some white Puma sneakers.  I have to look up the link to them.  Got them on clearance and they don't perfectly match a lot, but I'm wearing them with lighter colored dresses.  They are dif from my typical shoe style and I love them.  (Other pics of sneakers with dresses)

Thrifted dress I've worn over and over and hides my unshaved legs rather well in the summer.

I was trying to be all cute here, suck in my stomach, show off my shoes lolzzz
This is the dress everyone compliments. 

More pics on the actual trip later if I can get it together, but I just wanted to say I love sneakers with dresses. 

Love & Light, 

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  1. I'm glad you've enjoyed your adventures. I'd love to visit that part of the States, I seem to read a lot of detective novels set there.
    That maxi dress is really pretty and perfect with the Pumas. My Dad used to wear Pumas but they looked nothing like yours! x

  2. Love the Pumas, Becky, and the sex-ay pose too. LOL at maxi dresses and (un)shaved legs - I do exactly the same. Thanks for linking up, xox


  3. Both of your dresses are lovely (I do the same thing with long dresses, note how my hems often get longer as the week goes on!). I'm not 100% on board with the sneakers, but it's probably just that I need to get used to them.

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