Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sometimes It Do Be Like That and also I Love Hand Me Downs and Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon

 So, a little bit ago I was taking some soup and a dress (coincidently) that was too long on me to my friend Krista's house and she had a couple shirts she was going to donate, but decided to let me check them out.  I loved them!
I started off with no make-up and tried to take a good pic---it was a total loss lol
Everything was looking like this and worse.

I kept trying all day.  Later with make-up.
These are the BEST ones ppl.  
I had to call it a wash.


We're also having Snowpocalypse and Snowmageddon here in Asheville.  Here is my cute dog Foxy in the snow.  We have power and everything still, so we are pretty comfy and lucky so far.

This fine selfie below is me bumming around in another hand-me-down, an oversized t-shirt from my cousin's husband.  I noticed the tag in this picture indicating that I was wearing it backwards---

We've done birthday parties, spend the nights, playdates, cookie making, and sledding this weekend.

I'm 42, so below you will see end of the night MOM LEVEL-TIRED below.

Well, being snowed in Sunday is letting us all really relax now.  
All my clothes are secondhand or thrifted.  Even these shorts are my friend's Sam's old shorts she gave me.  

And FRANCE-----I see the people over there are demonstrating their demands!!!
I'm here in my secondhand work onsie blogging about how much solidarity I feel with u.

Admittedly, I've eaten way too many cookies.

Love & Light,

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  1. Your kids and doggie are so adorable in the snow! Get some rest, girlfriend, and thanks for linking up at Vis Mon! xox

  2. A year to the day we were having our snow madness, too - so glad it';s your turn - it's not my thing at all! I love your doggie! xxx

  3. Cookies are danger! I think you look lovely, hon! Would you believe that up here in Canada, it's not even below freezing, much less snowing?! Play, rest and let the calm sneak in.