Friday, December 28, 2018

Sugar Cookies and Coquito and The Holidays

I made coquito (a Puerto Rican holiday drink with coconut & rum--here & here b4 on blog) and the girls are helping put icing on my favorite sugar cookie recipe from childhood, made by my bff Mason's mom.  (IG here)

Each girl made a plate.
I'm wearing a super old tank top because the weather is ridiculously warm.
I don't celebrate any religious holiday anymore, but I have holiday related treats and customs. 
It's been just so incredible hanging with my daughters.   Just nice to be on break and enjoy their company.

This was some 90s flashback photos actually taken before a holiday office party in Tampa.  

We pre-gamed with friends before the party---this is my old apartment with my roommate Charles.
I really do enjoy holiday parties and work parties.
I like being a guest at weddings, too.

I loved, loved, loved popping around and visiting everyone during the holidays when I was younger.
I tried to tat least talk to or see any friends and family I could this year---

Foxy the King was gifted this handmade shirt by my daughter's friend Sophie.  Her gifts and cards were extremely thoughtful.  These kids are really encouraging and inspiring.  I mean it.  
Foxy Baby is so cute!!

Here is me in work mode below-----
42 years old
I really need new glasses {{sigh}}

Wearing secondhand thrifted sweater.
Getting more into my planning for the future.  
The more I visualize how and what I want sort of helps me sort thru stuff in the contemplation phase---like mental and imaginary kinks get worked out before I start the real preparations. Occasionally this process has gotten me closer to what I aim to achieve and saved some time, and energy, and sometimes money, in the process. 
Sometimes it takes a while lolzzz

Love & Light, 

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  1. Happy New Year, Becky! Loved the old photos. Those biscuits are a psychedelic delight! xxx

  2. Funky cookies! I don't really do the whole decorating thing anymore (a cat like Vizzini will do that to ya), but I love seeing other people get into it. I remember tops like that in the 90s!

    Happy New Year, Becky - much love to you and your fam, including dear King Foxy!