Monday, December 9, 2019

Asheville Art News Scene First Friday's at Foundation Studios

So, Asheville has a mega art scene, particularly if you think of it regards to how small our town is...

My friend Noreen, of LovingGood Vintage in Hendersonville, manages Foundation Studios in addition to being an artist there, as well.

All her pieces are beautiful!

Here she is with Amelia Alyce Doll--- an artist I mentioned in the post before last-- a model and costume designer and director.
Both looking fabulous!!

Reed at the front desk with some refreshments and running everything!

Lovely violinist!

So much art!!

I'll have to do a more in depth review of the artists in the future.

Foundation Studios has so much artwork I couldn't showcase it all at once.

Amelia having some fun with this suede and lace vintage 80s stunner from LovingGood vintage---

So many great things!

Love and Light,

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Did I mention I was grateful lately?

So, I didn't do the semi-obligatory Thanksgiving post...  Until now! Cuz I'm always a little behind!
But, I have been really grateful lately.  I've gotten a lot of time with my children and I've had some people do some thoughtful things for me.

Photo taken Sly Grog Facebook--- Goldie 25 years Metalheadz tour

This show was epic. Like-- blow my mind, melt my heart. I asked Goldie if I could hug him afterwards (he was hanging out) and he said yes.  I didn't even bother with a pic lolol I got a hug! ❤
So, giving thanx--- bcuz it was actually Thanksgiving...
I had a friend put me on the guest list when they heard I wanted to go to the show--- and they know I'm on a low budget and couldn't rly swing the $20 ticket. 
In fact, the last 3 shows I've gone to have been because someone was being generous. 
You can have generous ideas...  But, it's another to take action and carry it out.

Thanksgiving day meal (& show outfit lol)
I took a vintage 80s Made in France dress from my stock to wear--- haha mine now! I'll be putting something else for sale--- 1 in 1 out rule!

Paired it with my super sparkly 70s lurex blazer (second-hand vintage boots not showing).

I had literally the best time cooking our holiday family meal--- my younger daughter was so into helping. The whole time I kept thinking how lucky we were to be together and enjoy preparing and (eventually) eating our Thanksgiving dinner.

This is the dress I'm selling in place of the one above here.
It's actually one I like a lot and get lots of compliments on, but I'm trying to downsize my entire household/life soooooo...

This is the sort of dress that's ez to wear--- even if you're new to or unsure of vintage.

Super pretty colors and print.

I'd also like to add I'm grateful for the several opportunities I've had in the past few weeks to help a few people--- trickier to share deets because it's not my place to share what others needed--- but, it's so nice to be able to help when you can!!!
I swear, when I feel like I can't do much of anything--- that's when I need to step outside myself and do something for someone else.

If you have ways you can help others (that aren't infringing on people's privacy!) please share.  
You'd be surprised how it inspires people.
I, for one, am interested!

And for anytime you hear somebody use the excuse, "I can't help EVERYONE!!"
Be sure to remind them--- you don't have to help everyone, but don't let that stop you from helping anyone, ever!
Don't have to help everyone, just help one person, one time--- ❤
Makes a big difference. 

Love & Light, 

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Back to the basics--- some local art and vintage clothes

Had some fun styling this vintage white 80s puff sleeve Roughrider top.  Lace detail, hook & eye closures, and basque waist--- worn with my multi-strand faux pearls for a winter white lewk ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪

Went to a fun little art gallery opening in the River Arts District in Asheville. The studio is the Art Garden. 

I'd never been--- it was super cute.  Weather was dark and rainy, so no exploring the actual garden!

Met a lovely young guitar playing artist named Amelia Alyce Doll--- dressed very prettily!

I loved these pins!

Handmade succulent sculptures and tapestries!

And flow fish art and other pieces...

Like I said it was a wet blustery night--- I was wearing my grandmother's dress --- Dorothy --- nicknamed CandyInTheOven🍬I've mentioned her several times b4 on the blog.

Thick taffeta style material with a single crinoline and 3/4 cuffed sleeves. Classic fit and flare style, metal zipper and lots of little flaws--- but very wearable none the less πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

Remember to check out your local galleries, independent retailers, and secondhand shops for all your holiday buys πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€

Love & Light,

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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Maybe a bit of 90s vintage Kappa and Zoo York and a 50s dress

Been just going full throttle with the kids lately, so I have to stop myself from getting distracted and turning this into a straight up mom blog lol

Anyways-- went to an Animal Fundraiser event and I took no pics of my outfit, but a friend was sweet and sent me a photo that was posted of Winter and me.

Wearing a vintage 50s dress I've had for years, a vintage necklace I got ages ago from a storage unit shop in Tampa, and a handmade choker gifted from Laura.  As well as my same assortment of every day bangles you've seen a million times.  Baby Dream bought $4 worth of raffle tix with her own money and is clearly invested in the drawing--- she didn't win, but for a good cause πŸ’ž

Here I'm in my vintage 90s Kappa tearaway pants and Zoo York shirt. Both from thrift stores.

Please show off and brag about all your cool secondhand and vintage scores!
I was looking IG style pages for a bit this week and was honestly completely bored by what I saw--- grateful for this blogging community with amazing style!

Newly listed vintage JOIE Mongolian Sheep Fur Vest with Toggles!

Also, this vintage hand knitted winter sweater!

One more thing--- has anyone ever tried dill pickle flavored peanuts???

I didn't get them because I'm on a budget and just wasn't sure. Lemme know if you've had them and what you think. So curious I may have to cave!

I def do not get everything I want, but I'm trying to focus on gratitude and not being crazy for the holidays! πŸ˜‚

Love and Light,

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Asheville Halloween 2019 Brew Pump Vampires Uncle Death and Totoro and friends

We're real lucky in Asheville. We have a huge block party in west Asheville.  DJ Oneiric (aka Kiki's dad!lol) throws down sets at the Brew  Pump while the entire block behind the gas station shuts down for trick or treating.

I was originally going to be Dracula, but my navy blue velvet that i thrifted a few years ago and were the basis of my lewk--- didn't fit! πŸ˜‚

So, I was a lady vampire lol in my vintage black nightgown and vintage hooded velvet coat--- that had two tips in it and I just left them lol

Also, vintage necklace I got years ago in Tampa from a thrift store run out of a storage unit place. 

London did a totally homemade outfit, including the scythe, for her Uncle Death costume. 


Winter in her totally handmade Totoro costume!

Beginning of the night crew--- we had xtras joining us πŸŽƒ

One of my fav pics of Laura!

There are witch dances and tons of costumes--- the whole block goes all out.

It wasn't even as crazy and crowded as usual because it was chilly and wet --- but, still awesome!

Eric! --- DJ Oneiric with Tom at the Brew Pump-- huge dance party happening right beside us lol but I was taking a pic of these 2 friends. We're lucky to have Eric put on the event--- it's a massive family friendly party that ppl really enjoy in the community. 

Getting warm inside the the Brew Pump with Laura

Sorted out my 12 year old and her friends and then we took these nuggets home!

Oooh, almost forgot to mention! Got to adult trick or treat on the walk there at Biscuit Head! Got Screamin' Demon hot sauce!
I was so excited!

Happy Samhain!
Happy Halloween!

Love & Light,

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