Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hendersonville, NC is funnnn Featuring Dandelion Eatery and Poe bar

Had a blast today in Hendersonville with Noreen--- (first met back here and more hanging here at Women's Brunch-- and more undocumented lol)

We worked together this weekend doing a vintage pop-up and it was great. These deadstock Italian sunnies are from her shop Lovinggood Vintage.  There are more and will be available soon!!!!
Dress is my mother's from the 70s/80s and my mom's fanny pack from the 90s.

Well, Tuesday she showed me around her store--- soon to be open and you know I'll blog about it--- and it's amazing. 

But for now, some Hendo fun! 

We went to lunch at Dandelion Eatery. It's a restaurant that supports women leaving abusive circumstances. 
I had a freakin' delicious chicken pot pie and Noreen had tomato pie, which I finally got to taste---- it was soooooo good. 

The staff were so so so sweet!!! And of course we hit the adjoining thrift store!

Wearing my grandmother's dress today from the 50s!

Then we went all over downtown Hendersonville. 

At about 4 we were done and Noreen suggested we hit The Poe House, as in Edgar Allan Poe! 

We lounged with full service food & drinks in the back on couches! The staff was soooo friendly! Pointing out all the fun pic worthy stuff!

We were in luck for Classic Cocktails on Tuesday!

Pear & brie yummmmmm!!

Just delightful. 
Downtown Hendo ftw!!! 
Check it out if you're anywhere near!

Love & light, 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Birthdays, spring break, 90s sundresses, and middle aged back problems

Happy spring break!! I have a backache and I'm taking Ibuprofen for it--- feeling very 43 rn!! 

Was hoping to get to see family in Georgia this week, but budget (and timing, but mainly budget) meant I just couldn't swing it.

In other good news, the first part of spring break--- my brother's whole family was here for Girl London's 12th birthday!

Baby Dream was super stoked to see Tia ChaCha, Uncle Richard, and new BABY JUNE!!

That's right--- I have a new niece. She was recently adopted.  So awesome.

My nephew Joseph. 


Special cake made by Noreen.

Tradition! Pinata!
Sparing you the 50 pics of her and her friends lolol and you know she busted that thing open! 

Secondhand 90s ok Mike patchwork rayon sundress. Love this and keeping! 

Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Inaugural Women's Brunch and ya ya ya I wear my Grandma's clothes... Literally

This 70s shirt dress is in major rotation. Pulled from the shop and onto my bodeh.

Wearing my very well-worn hand-me-down dress from my Grandmother, Dorothy, affectionately called CandyInTheOven because she used to actually have her entire oven filled with candy later in life. No more cooking lolol

I LOVEEEE blue roses.
Worn with harness and Scorpion necklace.

It has some stains, is thin, frayed...  Still love this dress and miss her.

Noreen and I co-hosted our inaugural Women's Brunch.  She owns a vintage clothing and furniture store and we're doing a pop-up together at the end of this month. We got together the past Sunday and had an amazing brunch--- my friends Lacy and Corrina got to join us. 

Had my first Duth Baby and it was so yummy! Some sort of pancake/French toast type thing that was scrumptious. 

No damn pics of the ladies. 
We were too busy drinking champ with fresh pureed watermelon. 

Noreen's orchids!!
She has a green thumb!!!

Wearing vintage & secondhand as much as possible and loving it. 

Fashion is so important. 
It's the second biggest industry destroying our environment.
Global, but so personal.
We are in for huge changes.
I can't wait to see what u r wearin'!! 

Love & Light,

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Biltmore is a big mood & friends--- friends are a super big mood :)

I got invited to join Jo (a good friend) and her lovely employee Kayla, who I've gotten to know thru Jo, on their trip to the Biltmore!

Kayla's gorgeous with green hair!!

So fancy!! <3 
I'm in love <3

Kayla, me, & Jo!!! 
Best I could get with these two!!!

Velvet errryting plzzz!!

The Halloween Room!!
Spooky fun!

Close-up of the clothes because duhhh
I want to wear it all!

Old 90s Derek Heart dress & harness. Shopping my closet!!

Make-up got messed up and I decided to just go with it lolol

Crazy white tipped nails for fun.
Not white-out! Real white polish. So sophisticated!

It was so fun to be included on their downtime work trip and super generous of Jo as a boss and just as a friend to me. 
I hadn't been to Biltmore in a few years--- I did blog about it b4, and I needed the velvet inspiration for sure. 
Can't tag everything and previous posts and stuff bcuz I'm on the phone doing this and I'm not up to par yet. 

Love & Light, 

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