Thursday, May 30, 2019

Lacy's birthday MG Road Lounge Asheville fun---- also, your kindness does make a difference!

Well, as summer approaches, it's time to talk about some Asheville fun.

First off, it was Lacy's 27th birthday a couple days ago.
It was the end of a 3 day weekend and somehow we ended up out celebrating together!

I'm wearing a vintage Indian wrap skirt and thrifted tank top.
We are at MG Road Lounge, Asheville if u wanna check out their IG.

Lacy has on a butterfly skirt with matching eye makeup. Super incredible. 

So, this was my birthday treat for Lacy! We each ordered one drink lol
That frozen banana colada was yummm!

What's insane is that I like to dress up, but ended out with a super shiny face and flip flops lol! Sometimes it's like that--- summer!

Lacy took these pics and I'm so happy. It's been beautiful getting to know her these past oh 5 years! Wow.

I love this pic she took of me leaving!!!

Looking forward to celebrating more with Lacy and our other lovely friends. We are lucky to be surrounded by some kind and loving people and it makes a difference! 

More hot as blazes summer fashion to come!

Love & Light,

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Very apropos that my Mother's Day post is happening late because I've been overwhelmed by this WAR ON WOMEN


Whew! We're having an absolute crisis over here in the US rn with attacks on access to birth control.  If you want to help by way of funds I think the ACLU is a great organization. They are fighting new bogus legislation rearing it's ugly head everywhere here currently in the US.
It's atrocious. 

On that note, I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend with my two children and friends. We did a Mother's Day Women's Brunch

This is the menu--- I had to have Noreen type it all because I couldn't even remember everything!

This is a special cup of coffee. It's prepared this very exact specific way. It's a big pain in the rear, but decidedly tasty. 

I was very happy to have my two children with me!!!!! They helped prepare the fruit for juice.

Chocolate Dutch Baby!!

Savory Dutch Baby!! (This was so so good. I loved the carmelized onions you put on top!)

We had a lovely group, including Lacy and Kayla--- I get so caught up lately I didn't take a group photo!
Everybody looked so cute I wish I had...  ughhhhh 

Fast forward to my friend Corinna being nice!  She's an aesthetician. She does professional bridal and free lance makeup. 


She did a quick 'bridesmaid' look on meh!
It's a really pretty classic almost neutral look--- you only use like 3 colors. 

I loved it! Soooooooo fun! 

My dress is from way back---- here's a 2013 post with me wearin' it if you want to check it out. Upcycled Scorpion necklace.

Love & Light, 

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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Retreat!! So, Boone, North Carolina is perfect for friends!

Jo is a friend of mine that also runs a rental and does property remodelling and management.  She finished a remodeling job in Boone, NC last year and did the sweetest thing--- she invited me and a few friends up to her cabin for a retreat!!

 Far left: Me, Krista, Sam, Kayla, Brad, Jo, Tommy <3

 We drank some hana-fuga sparkling peach 🍑 sake🍶! We printed up Cards of Humanity and cut up the cards ourselves and played lolzzz

I barely have any pics from the two days. Idk if everyone wants me to share the 'floating heads' picture from the hot tub 😂

Five beds! Games! Just everything! I lifted these pics straight from Jo's listing here!!!!

Great for a multi-person friends/couples/family retreat!!!

I'm not getting paid for this---- just lucky to have gotten a chance to go and want to spread the fun!

Absolutely love this pic of Krista and me! 
She's in a thrifted original kimono from Japan with a stunning crane print and I'm in a thrifted cotton Y2K Charter Club Intimates from India robe. 

How happy I am to sleep in my vintage 70s Kaush Collections Made in India nightgown!! My bed was soooo cozy comfortable.

Since vintage nightwear and lounge wear is CLEARLY amazing let me point out this sheer and opaque lined lace pajama top I've had since high school! It's too small for me now and listed here.

I used to wear it with jeans--- all loose and comfy!
Now it's beyond too small and tight. 
(I mean, I'm a fan of under-boob, side-boob, total boob lol--- it's just too tight now!)

I always thought it was very sexy on even tho it looks so chill on the hanger.
Best fits a S/M and I'm a large!

Try stuff on. Give it a chance. Consider a vintage or secondhand kimono, robe, nightgown, or pajama top!!!  It could become your next favorite!!!

Love & Light,

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