Sunday, June 9, 2019

The First Annual Mr. & Mrs. Gay Asheville!!!!

It's Pride month! One fun way to be an ally and support LGBT community is to go to a drag show.

Ginger Snap, Jen, & Jo right here all looking gorgeous!

Ginger Snap (Jen & Jo's very good friend), on the left, put together Asheville's First Annual Mr. & Mrs. Gay Asheville and of course I was there to support!

It was at Bank's Ave Bar and it was fabulous!!

Sorry for the awful pics! It was dark!

I cried at her rendition of not my father's son!!!

Perfect opportunity to give directly to the community--- literally hand them your dollar dollar bills yo!! $$$$ 

She was my favorite!!

Corinna wanted to practice her time on bridesmaid looks again so she did my make-up--- false eyelashes, too!!! 
I requested red lippy for classic drama!!

I was taking selfies around her apartment and she thought I caught her brushing her teeth in the background--- I didn't, but her scream made me laugh mid-selfie!!!

Classy bathroom pic. Vintage kimono (shown here and here) and thrifted handmade Asian inspired print sundress. 

Tommy & Krista joined us that night--- no group pics lol We were all so into the performers!!!

I didn't get to stay to the end to see who got crowned. Doesn't matter to me. I thought they were all just spectacular. My pics just don't do them justice. 

Love & Light,

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Hodge podge post; more foodie than fashion lol

You've seen this tank top and jewelry countless times. This is a sweaty no make-up hair in braids work day. 

Some fun! Wearing my 90s patchwork sundress...  Again!

B4 the edit!

I kept making weird faces in every pic and Corinna was like --- stop! And I'm like, I can't!!! 

She looks flawless, as usual!
I love porch time hangs with friends! 

Next up!!!
My friend Jo hmu to hang on the Blue Ridge Parkway---- it's green and gorgeous rn!! And the grab some hot dogs at Celebrity's HOTDOGS. 

I got an All The Way--- bit of slaw, onions, whatever else lol

It's racing themed, local, and quick and ez :)
I'd never been there until she took me and I just love checking new places out!

After that we grabbed the girls from school and Jo's friend Jackie (from Florida! So many FL/NY people in Asheville!) came out with us to French Broad Chocolate

Jo treated everyone to ice cream! I got Lavender Milk Ganache yummmm!

Take a minute and appreciate the Pride flag!! 


This is the new location downtown and I  hadn't been yet! 

Girl London and Jo surveying walls of chocolate!

Baby Dream chewing down!

It's nice to have a plethora of fun local places to eat and shop--- Asheville is lucky in that aspect. 
I had so much fun catching up face to face with Jo. She's super busy and like I always say, talking face to face is where it's at <3

Such a treat. 
Feeling like summer. 

Love & Light,

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