Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Birthday Parties and Halloween ATLiens and Mad Zombie Scientist and Totoro

So, October is a busy month. My Baby Dream turns 10 today and obviously Halloween is also a month long celebration.
My father passed away in October 9 years ago--- Baby Dream's 1st birthday right on the heels of his death. With my mother and grandmother passing away in August and September of 2017 respectively---- there's like this procession straight up into the grave for fall.
October is a beautiful month to straddle the line between the living and the dead tho--- I miss them all so much and so we remember, reflect, and celebrate.

Winter is wearing a Totoro onsie--- her birthday present. She also is going to be Totoro for Halloween in a costume she made herself--- she wore it to Kiki's birthday at the Grog.

She is obsessed with eastern culture and once again, we got all her treats and snacks for the night at the local family owned Asian grocery store.

So fun trying all the flavors πŸ˜‚

 This whole crew πŸ’ž Been here almost 5 years and I've watched these kids grow up together with mine ❤
Kiki, Sophie, Stella, London, Kaya, Winter, Dakota, Kaydence 🌈

We decided to paint souvenir t-shirts instead of goody-bags.

Sooooo fun!

Laura, Corinna, me πŸ₯³
We got into the paint, as well 🎨

It was a spend the night party--- 
Laura and I realized I've gone to 4 of Kiki's birthday parties and vice versa. 
I've only been here 5.5 years, so that's special---- she stayed the night and was a huge help and an amazing friend. 

On to the next Partayyyyy!

One of Winter's bffs family throws a massive Halloween party, so of course our family was there!!!

I'm an ATLien (I'm actually from Atlanta, too--- represented by the Coca-Cola and my Braves shirt) and London is a mad zombie scientist.
She's wearing one of my dad's real old lab coats--- he was a chemist for the state of Georgia EPA. πŸ₯ΌπŸ₯ΌπŸ₯Ό

Zombie Totoro!

Sophie, AJ, London--- they made all their gory wounds themselves with flour, water, concealer (for skin color), and fake blood.

Party was epic with a live band and a haunted trail in the backyard!!


Zombie stuffed jalapenos, spider cheese dip, guacamole puking pumpkin--- the food and drinks were ridiculous and delicious!!!

Rice crispy treats that look like hamburger meat!!!!!

The band played almost all night!!!
So good!

Elvis is our beautiful hostess and the Hangover our other beautiful host--- with his wonderful mother & sister πŸ’ž
This family is incredible and I'm so lucky our children are friends.

The whole place was decorated--- bugs all over the bathroom!

The beautiful witch Corinna!

The party spanned two houses with a massive haunted trail--- pictures don't do it justice.

If you've made it this far---- luv ya'!!!
It's not over yet πŸ˜‚πŸ₯³⚰

Off to celebrate more πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

Love & Light,

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

More Vintage Clothes--- Double Birthday Party Edition

Soooooo, I really do wear a lot of vintage. I mean, I sell it, too. But, srsly--- thank u vintage clothes for providing me with what I want to wear most of the tim .

Let's talk birthday party attendee outfits then---

Vintage 70s dress I've had for years--- I wore it last Halloween as a Devil Doll!
My lashes are skulls!!

 We are celebrating my dear friends' daughter Kiki's birthday.  Winter is in her handmade (by herself!) Totoro outfit!! And Sailor Moon was there! Squeeee!

The party was at the Sly Grog and ToyBox, a local clown, put on a puppet show.

Awesome sauce!

Girl London got glasses and stole my phone to take selfies--- she put her pic as my screensaver and I couldn't be happier.

Mary is a beautiful spider web witch and has 2 gorgeous daughters and lovely husband. I'm always excited to see her.

Horrible full length pic--- but I'm wearing 6 inch heels (old cheapo ones) but I love them and miss the occasional heels. Asheville is NOT suited for heels at all.

Such a wonderful afternoon. 

The other birthday was the lovely Noreen's! Four of us ladies hit the town. We had an incredible dinner at Rosabees.  Owned by a woman and I can't recommend it enough. 
I will say it is a budget buster for me tho--- just have to be honest. 

I wore a vintage beaded shawl backwards as a top with a fancy bra underneath and a skirt I bought about a year and a half ago new.

The back of the top was just beads basically-- sort of risque, but I wanted to bring because all four ladies were fashion divas, especially the birthday girl Noreen in head to toe leopard.  She owns LovingGood Vintage and is πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

I have no pics. Like, other people have a few... I took these b4 and have none of anyone else or the night. At one point I lost my phone so you'll just have to believe me.

I also wore heels this night! They were painful nude patent leather---but sometimes u gotta do it.

So here's to vintage and secondhand party looks--- what r u wearin'???

Love & Light,

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When they ask my children where they want to eat--- they're going to know!

I'm sure you've heard all the jokes about women not knowing where they want to eat. I don't know who these ladies are because my girl friends sure as hell have no problem demanding their fav foodie spots.

And I want to give my daughters a chance to pick their fav places to eat, too.
So, once a month or so, I ask them where do they want to eat and it's their choice.

London's first pick was Itto's and it's sooooo delicious!! It's a ramen restaurant in West Asheville. She happened to be wearing her ramen bowl Ponyo shirt, too.

All 3 of us enjoyed our dinner, but at $12 a bowl, it's a little expensive! Just sayin'! 

This is Baby Dream making a chocolate cake with Nutella and 1 egg ONLY--- just 2 ingredients. 

She saw a YouTube video and wanted to try the recipe. 

It came out excellent and she was eating it with salted caramel ice cream. Knowing how to cook and bake is so important.

Here's me in more head to toes Corinna's hand-me-downs!!

Wearing Corinna's hand-me-down cardigan below with a thrifted sundress. 
Let's take a moment, as we usually do, and just appreciate vintage and secondhand clothes in general πŸ™

Also, speaking of ladies knowing where they want to eat--- one of my friend Jo's fav restaurants in town is called Plant and it's vegan.
Jo is a real sweetheart and treats her good friends to her fav places--- 
Kristy is her business partner (see my previous posts about the cabin!) and her whole house was in a bit of a turmoil---so Jo decided to take us all out.

All vegan everything--- and it's tasty!

Sorry for the horrid pics! πŸ˜‚

None of us are vegetarian or vegan, although I eat a TON of vegetarian budget friendly meals every week--- especially when it's just me at home. Rice & black beans, cheese quesadillas, pita & hummus...
Good for the environment & my pocketbook! 

Asheville is really into vegetarian and vegan cuisine, so if that's your thing, then you would love visiting!

Love & Light, 

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Blue Ridge Mountain Pride Asheville NC

We have our own Pride weekend later in the year.  Girl London wanted to go and I joined her--- it was a rly beautiful day with my awesome kid and friends.

Tons of great music.

Bella, London, Kaya, Sophie--- Gen Z is badass y'all!

Me with my favs of the day-- the Greenville Sisters! 
I'm wearing one of my favorite vintage 80s sundresses--- it has pockets πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘πŸ™πŸŒˆ


I have on rainbow eyelashes!!

My rainbow laces were so popular! People wanted to take pictures of them lol and obviously pet my cute dog Foxy.

So important to stand with our human family for acceptance and equal rights.
Also, everyone looked so GOOD!! 
Wear what u want!!! 
What r u wearin'???

Love & Light, 

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