Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Vintage Hats and Veggie Stroganoff and Starting from Scratch Mid-Life Shenanigans

 It's sort of been a bit of a shit-show here, so I'm going to just talk about vintage hats for a minute lol. (Big head tings lol!)

This pic doesn't do it justice---I look horrendous in it here lol
Here's me in my purple hat from b4---been in a hat mood lately so I figured a selfie day for inspo might hit the spot

Here's a lil' TMI, but a bit of a reality check that perhaps others out there can relate to...   I'm working my butt off rn because January/February are the two worst months for me financially out of the whole year and because of a monetary mishap, my bank account is overdrawn.

Also, starting my business completely over from scratch---- PinkCheetahVintage started almost a decade ago--- and it's DONE.  Idk what I'll do about my blog name and all that, but the new store is For Once Be Cool with my aforementioned partner, Noreen.

We are in our 40s/50s and fucking starting from scratch with this---
I used to have several booths and an online store of almost 500s items solo---
She used to have a massive big brick and mortar and online shop---
It all went to hell for both of us in the last year or two--I'll leave it at that lolzzz

At the moment we have 64 items combined online, but whatever...
Nowhere to go but up from here.
So, hopefully my beautiful blogger friends will continue to watch as we become super successful.

So, after working all damn day, my vintage slinging biz partner and I made dinner. She's pescatarian so we made Mushroom Stroganoff.

We actually both enjoy cooking.

You already know I like eating.
Bone Apple Tea!!! 😂

And here is the full 'workday' outfit. Vintage Mondi made in Germany baby blue and white wool pleated plaid skirt and secondhand thrifted limey green Hollister sweater. Vintage leather boots!

All rewear, vintage, and secondhand (excluding undies & socks!)

What r u wearin'???

Oh yeah, and after listing hats all day Noreen and I decided when we get the funding we're going to go out and wear fancy hats around town.  Gonna get all dressed up and go have cocktails and tater tots or something in our fancy hats.
More on that hopefully in the not too distant future---cheers!

Love & Light,

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In honor of spring colored plaids- Periwinkle Lavender Plaid Pendleton Blazer

Monday, February 24, 2020

What's going good? Jungle and Drum and Bass, Pupusas, and Vintage Clothing

Here to talk about a few good things!

First off-- Winter Luau 2.0 was amazing--link to the first one here.

I'm sorry I don't have good videos this year!!

Sam, Marie, Alissa, Me, Lacy...

I didn't get hardly any pics, but it was an incredible night. Everyone looked amazing and I was really appreciative of all the friends/family that literally showed up.  Here's a few photos I swiped from Vinyl Revisions since I completely dropped the blogger photo-taking ball!

Massage lady!

Everyone killed it!!!!!

Unfortunately, I don't have pics of everyone!!!! 😭

Showing up is such a big deal <3

Other good things--- gas station food!!!!!

We have a lot of good food in gas stations here in Asheville-- little gas station restaurants, if u will...

I've had a lot of hispanic and central and south American food---but, never a pupusa!!! 

That is, until recently!
Corn meal and cheese and bean (and pork for me!!) deliciousness!!!

Yum yum highly recommend! 

Now a quick outfit post--was on my IG already 💜💜💜

Battery Powered Hooker Boots tee first shown here

My old 80s Sasson puffy purple faux fur jacket.
Hat gifted by Noreen and a foreshadowing of big (head) tings to come!  So stay tuned lol!
Vintage jeans from ages ago shown here and old shoes.

Cozy and comfortable!!!

I'll be checking your looks soon!  I want to know what ur wearin'!

Love & Light,

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Lunar New Year Celebration---Undergrowth The Lunar Funktion

So, for the Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, at the end of January there was a big event at Foundation Studios---it's one of the art studios in the River Arts District in Asheville.   Asheville has a huge artistic community for such a small town---it's known as 'Paris of the South'.

And yeah, at one point at the end of the night, I was wearing my daughter's pink wig lolol


This evening at Foundation Studios was so great.   The Undergrowth presented The Lunar Funktion---a massive event with DJ's, vendors, and many of the resident artists of Foundation Studios were live painting.

Noreen and I first worked together when we did a pop-up this summer at The Grog.
We each had our own business at the time----but, we decided we really enjoyed working together.
We decided to start working as a team in January and The Lunar Funktion was our initial start.
Here's to new beginnings---January 2020
No wig here--lol

I'm in Noreen's studio--she's also a resident artist at Foundation Studios and those are her beautiful watercolor paintings behind me.

Beautiful Amelia live painting---another artist at Foundation!

My gorgeous friend Victoria, modeling this jacket from our booth, now available here!!!

Beautiful Victoria and me---
Both wearing vintage kimonos---seen here and here b4

This lil' baddie bought this jacket and wore it immediately!!!

In Jamie's booth for a minute :)

The lounge area.

Everyone was cute!

Tons of fun stuff!

Live arting!

More vending!

V cute outfit!!!!

Monk robe coming soon to the store and silver puffer vest available here!
Everyone was trying on stuff and having fun.

Parking lot vibezzz!

This gorgeous gal bought this vinyl dress and wore it immediately---smokin' hot!

Another beautiful shopper!

This fine fellow bought this colorful coat and also rocked it immediately---this crowd was so fashion forward and fun!!

Fire dancers!

Lighting and sound were incredible. 

This cutie snagged this vintage fuzzy red hat and wore it all night!!

It was a brilliant night with amazing people and tons of great fashion---I didn't even share all the pics, but it would be too pic heavy, even for y'all.  It was really great to have people respond well to our vintage---Asheville often has it's own style--really dif that what Noreen and I often rock and FOR ONCE we felt the vibe with this crowd's style energy---so it was cool...

See u in bloggy land soon---I want to know what everyone is wearin'!

Love & Light, 

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