Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Self-Isolating Diaries from Asheville pt. 1

Well, hey everyone--- we're all shutting it down over here in the US, or supposed to be, at least.
I haven't been out for anything that isn't essential in 11 days--- The Saturday before last I was at a Mandala themed show at Foundation Studios. At the moment it was ok for meet-ups 50 people and under--- so it was in accordance.

Vintage up-cycled jacket hand-drawn by Noreen and available for purchase if interested!

This lady was doing mandala tie-dye and another artist was screen-printing behind her.

More peices from Noreen--- a deer on a vintage deerskin jacket.

Our beautiful model was a friend visiting the studio that night--- can't believe her name has slipped my mind.
Flower skirt hand-painted on vintage suede, also available! 

Next morning was Sunday and self-isolating!

My look for one of my trips out to Trader Joe's--- PBR Bandita (bandana gifted to me from Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride party) , hand-me-down tank top from Corinna, and vintage Jean's (not shown obvi lol)

 Random backyard photos--- need the yard done ASAP!

Foxy not having a care in the world.

Me sending a selfie toasting to a friend!

Sending selfies to my children when they were with there dad lol

My income is done for now--- I sell vintage clothing---- but, my main income was managing an Airbnb and it is over. Since I work for myself there is no unemployment.

Honestly, there is no choice tho but to shut shit down and keep people safe.
Our leadership is not just atrocious over here in the US, it's absolutely deadly and greedy and murderous----

Can't wait to hang freely with everyone again--- miss so many ppl---

Love & Light,

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  1. Hello Foxy!
    That show looked amazing, how cool is that jacket?
    I'm so glad we have savings or we'd be well and truly f*cked - as we're in the same boat as you with zero income for the foreseeable future. I'm appalled that the Orange One expects the USA to be open for business by Easter.
    Stay safe, stay happy and keep posting!

  2. Yikes, sorry to hear you are out of work, Becky! Canada is helping those folks out here, thank goodness. So many small businesses and folks who are out of work. Scary stuff. I've been lucky - my company is paying me for my time off.

    I am glad you are doing okay. Hugs to you. That show looks so fun - I miss going to shows.

  3. You look fabulous and that's some deadly wicked eyeliner there. Absolute pro style. I guess we're all in this together. We'll take a deep breath. I'm glad you have a yard though. No balcony or yard here but I have a great imagination. We'll get through it.

  4. Becky, I am dying over Noreen’s hand painted items! I may need to commission her to create something for me one of these days! And how adorable you are in your PBR bandita! I think with this new unemployment bill that just passed that you are eligible for benefits. Be sure to look into it, you deserve it just as every other affected self employed person does right now! Keep me posted! And when this lock down is lifted and I make my way back to Asheville, a huge celebration meet up will be in order for us!