Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Self-Isolating Diaries from Asheville Part Duex Some Minor Repairs

Hi there everybody---

At home like most rn and so I did a few minor repairs
Sewed up my old comforter.  It's washed now and will be put away for a bit.

I did a visible purple stitch because it's a grey and pink comforter and I don't mind it showing.

Sewed up a hole in the crotch of a favorite pair of vintage jeans.

Just used a dark blue thread because it was right at the crotch along the seam rly. Love the jeans--- just wore them here and wear them quite a bit.

Wore a few wigs---


And this one---

Made cookies with kids...  A few times---can't stop cooking, baking, and snacking.  I do enjoy making food tho.

Actually got totally dressed the other day with make-up.  Wearing a dress gifted from Noreen.  Not much for accessories lately---so lazy.  Trying to figure out how I will really wear or style this batik vintage dress she gave me---some things take a minute to sort out.

Getting to be the right temperature for this--- it's spring here.  Opened all the doors and curtains and blinds.

So warm today I'm wearing with comfy woven flip-flops.

I'll be checking in on everyone's blogs--- loving all the stay at home styles.

Love & Light,

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  1. Loving that batik dress, what a lovely gift!
    I love a bit of visible mending, such a relaxing thing to do. The wigs are great and those biscuits look delicious.
    Stay safe and healthy! xxx

  2. You look beautiful in that lavender wig! I love the batik dress - that's the perfect jammy dress!