Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Self Isolating Diaries from Asheville Part Three

Flashback to Super Tuesday March 3rd when I voted for Bernie. Politics are quite pissing me off over here---- that's for sure.

Wearing a thrifted second hand 90s/00s Bisou Bisou dress--- rather inexpensive sort of ordinary brand, but this dress rly works for me. Had it a couple years and wear it on a semi-regular basis, but never blogged about it!

Warm weather-- river island dress
Bought secondhand/thrifted-- worn so many times

  Foxy baby!!! 7 years old Shiba Inu most perfect 💖💖💖

 Thrifted this $3 stained 100% cotton Japanese kimono last year-- stain washed out, but needed some stitching up--- finally got around to it!

Washed stains out and hand sewed back and right sleeve

 Right upper sleeve and back seam hole hand-sewn beautiful!!

Yay--- will wear soon for summer

I pulled a muscle in my lower back--- good thing I have nothing to do but take it ez atm

Looking forward to all your quarantine/isolation/ and social distancing looks and lifestyle posts--- thankful for blogger-land connections!

Love & Light,

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