Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Self Isolating Diaries from Asheville Part Three

Flashback to Super Tuesday March 3rd when I voted for Bernie. Politics are quite pissing me off over here---- that's for sure.

Wearing a thrifted second hand 90s/00s Bisou Bisou dress--- rather inexpensive sort of ordinary brand, but this dress rly works for me. Had it a couple years and wear it on a semi-regular basis, but never blogged about it!

Warm weather-- river island dress
Bought secondhand/thrifted-- worn so many times

  Foxy baby!!! 7 years old Shiba Inu most perfect 💖💖💖

 Thrifted this $3 stained 100% cotton Japanese kimono last year-- stain washed out, but needed some stitching up--- finally got around to it!

Washed stains out and hand sewed back and right sleeve

 Right upper sleeve and back seam hole hand-sewn beautiful!!

Yay--- will wear soon for summer

I pulled a muscle in my lower back--- good thing I have nothing to do but take it ez atm

Looking forward to all your quarantine/isolation/ and social distancing looks and lifestyle posts--- thankful for blogger-land connections!

Love & Light,

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  1. I like Bisou Bisou too - that wrap style is magnificent on you! I just unpacked my short kimono for spring/summer and can't wait to wear it. Yours is amazing! I'm just in love with it!

    Take care, my dear!

  2. That kimono is stunning, what a gorgeous print. Isn't it good to have the time to be able to sit and mend things without feeling like you've got to rush and mess it up?
    Foxy is gorgeous and so are you!
    Hop your back eases up soon! xxx

  3. Gah, Becky, that kimono is freaking fabulous! I never find fascinating pieces like that in my local thrift shops. So when I visit Asheville next, we need to go thrifting, too!